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Structure Consult has assisted a range of organisations with the structural design of both their domestic & commercial projects.

Our talented team offer design advice no matter what stage of the project you’re at; from the foundations up, we are on hand to help. With over 1000 structural projects under our belts, we can recommend an ideal design aligned with your brief.

From our first consultation, our team use a wide range of advanced software to analyse design propositions for both safety and efficiency. Whether you require any assistance or additional information at any stage of the project, our team will always be available to assist.

Structure Consult can provide a full range of structural design services on the vast majority of domestic and commercial projects. It is our professional position to ensure that any work undertaken is solely within the knowledge and expertise of the company, thus ensuring a high quality of both design and services.


We can offer design advice in relation to all aspects of the project requirements, starting with the foundations, be they traditional or more specialist types, working right up through the structure to the finer details of a loft conversion.


For peace of mind, we will also offer advice throughout the works on site, should any unforeseen circumstances arise. We are always on hand to provide amended or addendum calculations and are confident that these can be completed for submission in a prompt manner to facilitate your build without unreasonable delay.


Various design and analysis software is utilised to ensure safe and efficient designs are presented in a consistent professional format.

Consultations can be arranged with the Client for us to attend the property in order to determine site specific requirements and restrictions, in addition to establishing the client brief for the works. 

Sometime this process helps people understand what they can structurally achieve with their property prior to progressing too far with plans.

The Party Wall Act 1996 came into force on 1 July 1997 and applies throughout England and Wales. It provides a robust legal framework to allow building works to be undertaken to a party wall structure in a fair and controlled manner. Through the Act, tried and tested processes ensure that the risk of disputes arising during the building works are minimised.

If you are planning to undertake building works and need to serve notice or have been served notice by an adjacent Building Owner under the Act. Structure Consult can act on your behalf in a Party Wall Surveyor or Checking Engineer capacity. Please contact us to discuss your project details further and for a tailored fee proposal.


We’re available to assist you, no matter what stage your project is at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, Structural Engineers design the structures around us to withstand the vertical and horizontal forces acting upon them, so that they safely transmit these to the foundations without excessive movement or deformation.

Structural Engineers are responsible for choosing the appropriate construction materials and methods are adopted for the project, which will also suit the project scale and budget.

project scale and budget.

You will need to appoint a qualified Structural Engineer if you want to undertake any refurbishments at your property such as removing an internal wall, building a new extension, or converting your loft into a habitable room.

A Structural Engineer will also be required when building a new property, buildings, or a factory etc. It is important to know that a Structural Engineer is nearly always required for a building project to ensure it is safe.

A Structural Engineer will provide you with a full structural package that would include structural design calculations and drawings. They will be used by your Architect to produce Building Regulations drawings and by the Contractor to initially price the work and later during the construction process to build.

All documentation provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval and issued for construction status purposes.

The Architect or the Client will need to provide us with a set of existing and proposed architectural drawings or sketches (for smaller projects) for us to review. Following which, we will prepare a fee proposal for the project anticipated input. The fee proposal will confirm our fee, schedule of services, terms and timescales for completing the works.

If the Client is happy to proceed, they will need to formally instruct us by signing and returning our agreement at the back of the fee proposal. We will add the new project to our programme and arrange to undertake our visit at convenient date and time.

If foundation trial pits or opening works are requested to allow the design work to proceed, this will need to be carried by the Client or their Contractor ready for our visit. We will advise of any such requirements following our instruction.

The first stage is to organise the site visit to familiarise ourselves with the existing property and to inspect any opening up works or foundation trial pits that have been requested by us.

Once the site visit is completed, we will start preparing our structural drawings and calculations. We always work closely and coordinate our designs with the Architect (if appointed) to make sure that all drawings both structural and architectural are coherent. This avoids confusion for the Contractor on site and surprise for you as the Client.

Once our drawings have been reviewed and approved by the Architect, we issue our full structural package to the Client and Architect. The Architect will normally forward our structural package to Building Control for review and approval. However, in some instances when there is no Architect, the Client will be responsible for this transmittal.

When your project is on site and construction in underway, if you have any questions, we are on hand to support you and your Contractor via emails or phone calls which is normally included for within our fee (within reason).

If you decide you want to make changes during the build or experience an unforeseen issue and us to visit your property, this is not a problem, and we will accommodate. However, this would be chargeable additional work and we would agree this cost in advance with you before proceeding.